Tea room/souvenirs

Bonbai Exhibition Souvenir Shop - A collection of souvenirs from Nagahama ! -

We have a selection of local specialties and famous sweets that were created and nurtured in the history and climate of Nagahama.

We also sell limited-time plum sweets and Nagahama Plum Bonsai Exhibition goods.

Why not give it as a souvenir for your family, friends, or loved ones?

Bonbai Cafe ~Would you like to take a break? ~

20230210_bonbaiten (28 - 50)

We offer drinks such as warm matcha and plum tea, as well as Japanese sweets.

Would you like to take a breather?

Mini Bon Plum Blossoms for Sale ~ Would you like to enjoy Bon Plum Blossoms at home? ~

mini bonbai

At the Nagahama Plum Bonsai Exhibition, we are selling mini Bonbai plums so that you can enjoy them at home. We have a variety of varieties including white plums, red plums, and weeping plums.

Comes with easy-to-understand growing instructions for bonsai beginners. Why not take this opportunity to grow Bonbai at home?

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